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Point of Interest is an independent publishing house and graphic design studio based in Seoul and London with a focus on current visual culture and spatial issue. 

Ju Hee is a London & Seoul based graphic designer and a founder of Point of Interest. She is the writer of publication "European Art Book Fairs on the Shelf".

General Enquiries

European Art Book Fairs on the Shelf
- Ju Hee Hong

Ju Hee Hong documents the growing phenomena of art book fairs in this thoroughly readable publication. European Art Book Fairs on the Shelf showcases the exciting radical marketplace of the art book fair by focusing on characteristic and unique fairs across Europe (in Ghent, London, Paris, and Berlin). In 2017, in order to oversee the current art book market and publishing flow in Europe, Ju Hee interviewed a diverse array of 39 publishers, fair directors and visitors who shared fair experiences and insights. They discussed their thoughts regarding current publishing trends and any perceived difficulties. This lushly illustrated collection shares these interviews, documenting both the printed matter and people who have helped make art book fairs thrive in the 21st century. 

Colourful Order: Happiness of Pyongyang - Nic Ojae

North Korea is often depicted as an entirely regimented and impervious place. Little do we expect to find colour, warmth of hospitality or leisure beyond its self-isolating walls. This series of photographs challenges us to look beyond hear-say to see that North Korea can be a colourful and welcoming place and that its people are united with those of the rest of the world in the pursuit of happiness, however exclusionary of the outside world their happiness may seem. Nic Ojae is an Australian visual artist, who works with analog mediums in the fields of photography. He shortly stayed in North Korea and lived in South Korea.

Fake on Fake - Ju Hee Hong

Photorealism causes people to believe that photographs always tell us the truth, but composite photos used for propaganda and political purposes, such as those taken by the Nazis in World War II and North Korea, do the exact opposite by concealing or distorting the truth. Composite photographs depict multiple layered contexts and speak new languages. To express this in a satirical way, witty falsities of Ju Hee’s own creation were added to original composite photos, rendering an unexpected faithful reproduction of reality.

Desires towards Bookshops - Hee An Moon

Bookshop itself is a space to connect the relationship between book and people. Moon interviewed various thought provoking publishers and owners in Seoul based bookshops and shared their experiences. They also discussed their thoughts regarding current publishing trends and any perceived difficulties.

Hipster Handbook
- Hee An Moon

Who is a hipster? - A handbook in regards South Korean hipsters. Moon set out to capture the youth cultures of inner-city hipsters.

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